Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rock-Paper-Scissors (Alternate Game) Monkey-Ninja-Pirate-Robot-Zombie

Have you ever heard or read about this new alternate game of Rock-Paper-Scissors?
Monkey Ninja Pirate Robot Zombie
It's Monkey-NinJa-Pirate-Robot-Zombie.......
Kewl... really really kewl....

Unlike Rochambeau(Rock-Paper-Scissor) the schematic is different as you can see each thing or each characters can beat two other characters. and in turn it also beaten by two chatracters.........
It says.. that...

Monkey fool the Ninja and wrenches the Robot    
Ninja throw shurikens to Pirates and decapitates the Zombie
Pirates drowns the Robot into the sea and stab the Monkey buy a skewers
Robot crushes the Zombie and zaps the Ninja 
Zombie savages the Monkey and eat the Pirates
(I see :D)

Here, I teach you how to play this game.....

Players count to five and repeat the name of the game "Monkey! Ninja! Pirates! Robot! Zombie!".
On the last count(fifth) your hand gestures. It's better and more fun if you add an aural component to your picked character....

See the Suggested aural component........

The monkey gestureMonkey

  • Monkey fools Ninja
  • Monkey unplugs Robot
Suggested noise: ee-ee-eek!

The gesture for robotRobot

  • Robot chokes Ninja
  • Robot crushes Zombie
Suggested noise: ex-ter-min-ate!

The gesture for piratePirate

  • Pirate drowns Robot
  • Pirate skewers Monkey
Suggested noise: arrrrr!

The gesture for ninjaNinja

  • Ninja throw shurikens Pirate
  • Ninja decapitates Zombie
Suggested noise: keeee-ah!

the gesture for zombieZombie

  • Zombie eats Pirate
  • Zombie savages Monkey
Suggested noise: braaaaaaaaaainsss!

Thats it... Kewl game....
Did you get the game?
I think so... 
You are not that dumb.. I know...  Teehee...
Enjoy...  Have Fun.... !!!!

Credit to Mark A. Rayner

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