Monday, September 20, 2010

Madagascar's Gigantic Spider Web

A newly discovered species of spider living in Madagascar makes the world's longest known web, spanning 25m.

Darwin's bark spider, a species new to science, weaves its huge web over flowing rivers, stretching from bank to bank.
It is so big that it can catch 30 or more prey insects at any one time.
The spiders are able to weave such large webs, held up by such long drag lines, by using the toughest, most energy-absorbing silk ever discovered, tougher than any other known biological, and most man-made, materials.

Read more info @ "BBC Earth News"

Monday, August 2, 2010

$200 Follower Giveaway - Like it.... Win it....

Interesting right? now get a chance to win this special giveaways hosted by Simply StacieLittle YayasMy Wee View and Kelly's Lucky You

Imagine, they're giving $200 just to say Thanks to all their followers. Yeah, I'm one of it and proud to be. 

One of the lucky followers is going to win $200 USD paid via Paypal.

How to join? 

* Follow via Google Friend Connect each of the host blogs (new and old are welvome to enter.)
* Each host blog will have a $200 Follower Giveaway Tour Post and all you have to do is follow via Google Friend  
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* If you follow each blog and comment on each of the giveaway posts, you will have a total of 4 entries into the
* You can still enter just by visiting one of the blogs and following, but then you will only have 1 entry! 
         (better follow all of them ^_^)

Get More entries into the $200 Follower Giveaway Tour:

Visit the other host blogs and follow via Google Friend Connect and leave your comment on their giveaway post.

Here's the links to the giveaway posts on the other host blogs.

The $200 Follower Giveaway Tour is OPEN TO WORLDWIDE. 
The giveaway ends on August 9, 2010. The winner will be selected by from all entries on each blog host blog. The winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to reply back with their Paypal email address before a new winner is selected. You must have a Paypal account for us to send the money. If you don't have one,  Sign-up one at We are not responsible for Paypal fees. Please leave your email address so we have a way to contact you if you win. Gud Luck

What cha? waiting for?
Join and Try your Luck.!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Do You Like Beyonce?

Do you?

Seems this boy really like her.

Too Much Beyonce?
Uploaded by apartment3b. - See more comedy videos.

If your asking me.....

Hmh... I know some of her song and I like some of it. But he-ll, don't ask me to dance like that boy did.

You? Do you like Beyonce? Leave your comment....

I Am...Sasha FierceSingle Ladies (Put A Ring On It)Dangerously in LoveI Am...Sasha Fierce (Platinum Edition) (Incl. Bonus Tracks and Music Videos)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gadgets And Tech’s 1st Annual Phone Raffle Contest

Our Kababayas show their generosity giving out free stuff to us kababayans.  And one of that is Gadgets and Tech's "Gadgets And Tech’s 1st Annual Phone Raffle Contest." Giving Samsung GT-E1175T  and a bonus of  PHP 2,000 gift card from Power Mac Center. just for us kababayans. Hop on and lets try our luck joining "Gadgets And Tech’s 1st Annual Phone Raffle Contest." 

Here is the Specification of the phone:

Samsung GT-E1175T Specifications and features:
Dual Band 900/1800 MHz
Type 1.52″ 65K CSTN
Resolution 128×128 pixels
40 Poly Ringtone
Operation System Samsung Proprietary
Messaging SMS, MMS
Battery 1000 mAh
Dimensions 108.7 x 46.1 x 14.1mm
Weight 72 g
Torch Light
Fake Call
SOS Message
FM Radio


Here's the Mechanics of the contest:

Raffle contest rules:
1. Any person from the Philippines with a blog and a Facebook account can join the contest (shipping cost of the prize  for non-Metro Manila resident will be shouldered by Gadgets and Tech .
2. To join, you must 
create a blog entry (one blog entry per blog per person) about “Gadgets And Tech’s 1st Annual Phone Raffle Contest” and include two linksGadgets and Tech and Gadgets And Tech’s 1st Annual Phone Raffle Contest.
3. Log in to your Facebook account (or create an account if you don’t have one yet) and search for the fan page and
become a fan of by clicking the “Like” button.
Post the contest blog post url (from your blog) about the contest in your wall in Facebook.
5. After doing the said steps, submit your entry by placing a 
comment in this contest blog post making sure to include your name and contest blog post url.
6. After verifying that you have done steps 2,3 and 4, 
a reply to your comment will be made which will serve as the confirmation that you are already included in the raffle.
7. “Gadgets and Tech’s First Annual Phone Raffle Contest” runs until 11:59 PM, July 31, 2010.

Good Luck to us Kababayan... ^_~

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Choosing Best Name

While I'm surfing around the web. I found this photo. If your dumb you really not gonna get it. But I'm sure your gonna get what the man trying to say. Yes. I believe you can.. coz your a jerk to.. LoLz.. thats was just a joke...

Here is it....

OK then if you dont get it. Ok then... Its your problem... hahahahaha that was a joke again Ok.

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